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Trinity Collection, The (2002)

Darsteller: Terence Hill, Bud Spencer

No western duo can rustle ulp endless laughs and great entertainment like steely-eyed Trinity (Terence Hill) and his gaint sidekick half-brother Bambino (Bud Spencer). These two drifters are constantly finding themselves in what could prove to be a world of trouble, but somehow, they always manage to save the day - and themselves - with some fast-talkin' and power punching.

Side 1 - They Call Me Trinity.
In They Call Me Trinity, a classic feature film in the uproarius series, Trinity and Bambino find themselves up to their necks in a herd or ruthless cattle rustlers who aren't looking to become good pals. When they look to the law for help, things take an even worse turn when the town sheriff himself, proves to have turned in his badge for some dirty loot. Things don't look good for the duo as the sun begins to set, but with the Trinity boys, anything is possible.

Side 2 - Trinity Is Still My Name.
Trinity Is Still My Name finds Trinity and Bambino back in hot water once again. After the boys promise their dying father that they will follow in his not-so-heroic footsteps, the boys are off to leave their mark on the Wild West, but they're bound to bungle things up. Trinity and Bambino then square off against a motley crew of outlaws, criminals, and half-wits, that make for some great frontier entertainment.

Länge: 294
Freigabe: G
Sprachen: Englisch

EAN: 779836115690

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