South Park 3 Pack (4-6)

South Park 3 Pack (4-6) South Park 3 Pack (4-6) South Park 3 Pack (4-6)
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South Park 4-6 Set (1998)
3 DVD Set

Darsteller: - (Animation)
Regie: Matt Stone, Trey Parker

Includes DVD volumes 4-6: 'Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut', 'Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut', 'Chicken Lover', 'Ike's Wee-Wee', 'Conjoined Fetus Lady', 'The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka', 'Flashbacks', 'Summer Sucks', 'Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls', 'Chickenpox', 'Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods', and 'Clubhouses'. Also includes the special April Fools Day Terrance and Phillip episode 'Not Without My Anus'. Introductions by Parker and Stone.

Cartman's Mom Is A Dirty Slut
Who is Cartman's Dad? With the help of his friends, an expensive genetic test, and America's Stupidiest Home Videos, Cartman may find the answer.

Special Terrance And Phillip Episode

Cartman's Mom Is Still A Dirty Slut
A myserious gunman shoots Mephisto before he can reveal Cartman's father's identity. Meanwhile, a blizzard hits South Park, stranding the citizens for hours without food.

Chicken Lover
A series of crimes involving chickens leads to a revelation - Officer Barbrady can't read! When he resigns, Cartman brings his own brand of justice to South Park.

Ike's Wee Wee
School counselor Mr. Mackey turns to drugs and alcohol after losing his job. Meanwhile, the boys try to save Ike from being circumcised.

Conjoined Fetus Lady
The dodgeball team, with star player Pip, is off to the championships. Back in town, local citizens help the school nurse deal with her strange medical disorder.

The Mexican Staring Frog Of Southern Sri Lanka
Ned and Jimbo track the deadly Mexican Staring Frog, and the success of their new cable-access hunting show threatens to edge out an old favorite, "Jesus and Pals".

As their school bus teeters on a cliff's edge, the boys relive landmark moments from their youth. When Ms. Crabtree goes for help, she!

Summer Sucks
Fireworks are banned, Mr. Hat has disappeared, and Cartman's foreced to take swimming lessons. Plus, the mayor's plan to put some punch in the July 4th celebrations goes awry.

Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls
South Park's Film Festival attracts big crowds, but the resulting strain on the sewer system causes problems for Mr. Hankey. Kyle appeals to the movie industry to save him.

The kids' parents arrange for them to be exposed to the chickenpox virus, and the boys plot revenge. Kyle's mother plans a fishing trip for her husband and Kenny's Dad.

Roger Ebert Should Lay Off The Fatty Foods
Is the planetarium the site of a diabolical plot to control the minds of South Park's citizens? Will Cartman appear on TV singing the Cheesy Poofs song?

The boys build rival clubhouses to impress the girls, and Stan tries to come to terms with his parents' untimely divorce.

Länge: 325
Freigabe: Not Rated
Sprachen: Englisch DD 5.1
Untertitel: Englisch

EAN: 9214004200008990

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