NieA Under 7 - Vol. 2: Funky Water Blues

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NieA Under 7 - Vol. 2: Funky Water Blues (2000)

Darsteller: - (Anime)
Regie: Takuya Sato

In an attempt to draw in more customers, the bathhouses of Enohana resort to strange gimmicks. Mayuko's company holds a video game contest, to lure young customers, while Chada starts a rival bathhouse that relies upon secret advantages. Which will triumph?! Meanwhile, Mayuko begins to face her own confusion and apathy towards life and NieA begins to sense an ominous voice emanating from within the alien mothership?

Länge: 75
Freigabe: Not Rated
Sprachen: Englisch 2.0, Japanisch
Untertitel: Englisch,

EAN: 013023159396

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Frage zum Produkt