Hercules & Xena

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Hercules & Xena ()
The Battle For Mount Olympus

Darsteller: - (Animation)
Regie: Lynne Naylor

Starring the voices of Kevin Sorbo as the Real Hercules, and Lucy Lawless as the Only Xena: Warrior Princess, this feature-length animated spectacular catapults the mythical exploits of their popular live-action TV series into a legendary new dimension!

When Hera, the constantly scheming Queen of the Gods, decides it is time to rule the universe, she plots a takeover by freeing the dreaded Titans from the underworld where they have been imprisoned for eons. With the monsterously vindictive titans on the loose, and the powerful Chronos Stone in Hera's hands, even the combined forces of Hercules and Xena, joined by their trusty sidekicks lolaus and Gabrielle, may not be enough to win ' The Battle For Mt Olympus'!

Länge: 80
Freigabe: PG
Sprachen: Englisch 2.0, Französisch, Spanisch
Untertitel: Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch,

EAN: 025192016028

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Frage zum Produkt

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