Hamburger Hill

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Hamburger Hill (1987)

Darsteller: Anthony Barrile
Regie: John Irvin

Vietnam, 1969. Hill 937. 10 days. 70% casualties. Those are the facts - this is the story.

The men of Bravo Company are facing a battle that's all up hill... up Hamburger Hill. Fourteen war-weary soldiers are battling for a mud-covered mound of earth so named because it chews up soldiers like chopped meat. They are fighting for their country, their fellow soldiers and their lives. War is hell, but this is worse. 'HAMBURGER HILL' tells the way it was, the way it 'really' was. It's a raw, gritty and totally unrelenting dramatic depiction of one of the fiercest battles of America's bloodiest war. Dodge the gunfire. Get caught behind enemy lines. Go into battle beside the brave young men who fought and died. Feel their desperation and futility. This happened. 'HAMBURGER HILL' - war at its worst, men at their best.

Länge: 110
Freigabe: R
Sprachen: Englisch DD 5.1

EAN: 012236049500

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