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Frequency (2000)
New Line Platinum Series

Darsteller: Dennis Quaid, James Caviezel
Regie: Gregory Hoblit

What if you had the chance to travel back into time and change thet one event that forever altered your life? Would you do it? And what would it be?

All his life, police officer John Sullivan (Jim Caviezel) has been haunted by one tragic event. When a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon of nature opens a mysterious channel to the past, John is stunned to discover his dad Frank (Dennis Quaid)...who's been dead for 30 years. But by changing the past, they set in motion a string of brutal, unsolved murders, with John's mother - and Frank's wife - the next victim. Racing against time, the son and father must now find a way to stop the crime that could destroy the future for both of them.

Directed by Gregory Hoblit ('Primal Fear'), this mind-bending, edge-of-your-seat thriller will keep your adrenaline pumping long after its final, astonishing climax.

Länge: 119
Freigabe: PG-13
Sprachen: Englisch DD 5.1
Untertitel: Englisch,

EAN: 794043505829

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Frage zum Produkt

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