Event Horizon

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Event Horizon (1997)
Special Collector's Edition 2 DVD Set

Darsteller: Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill
Regie: Paul Anderson

Its name: Event Horizon. The high-tech, pioneering research spacecraft mysteriously vanished, without a trace, on its maiden voyage seven years earlier. But a weak, persistent signal from the long-missing craft prompts a rescue team, headed by the intrepid Captain Miller (Laurence Fishburne, The Matrix and Mission: Impossible III), to wing its way through the galaxy on a bold rescue mission. Accompanying Miller is his elite crew and the lost ship s designer (Sam Neill, Jurassic Park) - their mission is to find and salvage the state-of-the-art spacecraft. What they uncover - instead - is state-of-the-art, interstellar horror. Back to electrify - and terrify - is Event Horizon, now as a two-disc Special Collection DVD that contains never-before-seen special features, including a five-part documentary on the making of this unforgettable motion picture. Kathleen Quinlan (Apollo 13) and Joely Richardson (TV s Nip/Tuck) also star in this gripping sci-fi thriller.

Länge: 96
Freigabe: R
Sprachen: Englisch DD 5.1, Französisch
Untertitel: Englisch, Spanisch

EAN: 097360313246

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Frage zum Produkt