Bless the Child

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Bless the Child (2000)
Widescreen Collection

Darsteller: Kim Basinger
Regie: Chuck Russell

In the tradition of The Sixth Sense and The Omen comes this riveting supernatural thriller filled with spine-tingling chills and white-knuckle suspense.

Academy Award® Winner Kim Basinger stars as Maggie O Connor, a single woman whose life revolves around her career as a nurse - until the surprise appearance of her sister Jenna (Angela Bettis) and Jenna s newborn baby girl, Cody. When Jenna suddenly disappears, Maggie is left to raise Cody (Holliston Coleman), an austic child, by herself. But after Jenna returns with a mysterious cult leader (Rufus Sewell) and abducts Cody, Maggie discovers that the child possesses extraordinary powers, powers that forces of evil have waited centuries to control.

Together with a FBI specialist in occult-related crimes (Jimmy Smits), Maggie races to save the life of the innocent girl who may hold the key to save mankind, or destroy it. Costarring Christina Ricci and Ian Holm, Bless The Child is a thrilling offering for film fans.

Länge: 108
Freigabe: R
Sprachen: Englisch DD 5.1, Französisch
Untertitel: Englisch,

EAN: 097363279648

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Frage zum Produkt