Arsenic and Old Lace

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Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)

Darsteller: Cary Grant, Peter Lorre
Regie: Frank Capra

Cary Grant and a stellar cast romp through this classic farce based on Joseph Kesselring's 1941 Broadway hit and breezilly directed by Frank Capra. Frazzled drama critic Mortimer Brewster (Grant) has two aunts (Josephine Hull and Jean Adair) who ply lonely geezers with poisoned libations, one sociopathic brother (Raymond Massey) who looks like Boris Karloff, one bonkers brother (John Alexander) who thinks he's Teddy Roosevelt, one impatient new bride (Priscilla Lane) - and only one night to make it turn out all right. In this circus' center ring is Grant, twisting his face into a clown's gallery of flabbergasted reactions and transforming his natural athletic grace into a rubber-legged comic ballet. You'll die laughing.

Länge: 118
Freigabe: Not Rated
Sprachen: Englisch
Untertitel: Englisch, Französisch,

EAN: 012569502529

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