American Ninja 5

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American Ninja 5 (1992)

Darsteller: David Bradley

Meet the Ninjitsu Kid! A 12-year-old learns self-confidence and the ways of Ninja from a savvy mentor in American Ninja 5. David Bradley returns to Uncle Sam s slam-bam amswer to the ancient Ninja tradition and The Karate Kid s Pat Mortia, an unflappable Tetsu, adds to his winning martial-arts world renown in this story that punches up its whirlwind punches with punchlines.

Junior Karate National Champion Lee Reyes plays Hiro, a boy transformed by friendship and skills learned from the American Ninja. Plugged into a fight to stop a madman from devastating the world with a vile new poison, the boy and his Ninja Master have only each other to rely on as they face the evildoer s countless guns and goons. It s fast, fierce, fun -- and action-packed enough for a boy to go from Hiro to hero!

Länge: 103
Freigabe: PG-13
Sprachen: Englisch 2.0

EAN: 012569703292

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Frage zum Produkt

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